Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Dignity Of Earth And Sky


"Standing at a crossroads, Dignity echoes the interaction of earth, sky, and people.  She brings to light the beauty and promise of the indigenous peoples and cultures that still thrive on this land.  My intent is to have the sculpture stand as an enduring symbol of our shared belief that all here are sacred, and in a sacred place."  ~ Sculptor and South Dakota Artist Laureate Dale Claude Lamphere

I stopped at a rest area in Chamberlain, South Dakota, on Interstate 90, perched on a bluff above the Missouri River.  This sculpture, a Native American woman named Dignity, sits on the edge of the rest area with the river to its back.  

There is a plaque at the rest area that tells the making and meaning of Dignity.  It reads as follows:

"Norm and Eunabel McKie of Rapid City, South Dakota, announced their gift of Dignity to the State of South Dakota in 2014, in honor of the 125th anniversary of South Dakota statehood. 

The statue was erected in September 2016 at this site, where it overlooks the Missouri River.  The statue measures 50 feet (15.24m) high, 16 feet (4.88m) deep, and 32 feet (9.75m) wide.  The star quilt held by the woman has more than 100 blue diamond shapes that move in the wind "like an Aspen leaf".

Three Native American women from Rapid City, SD, served as the models for the sculpture.  The artist, Dale Lamphere, began by first drawing the form and then sculpting a one-eight-scale model.  The sculpture was created in an isolated area near the Cheyenne River, east of Rapid City, SD, and later moved to the installation site.  The statue boldly proclaims that South Dakota's Native cultures are alive, standing with dignity.

The permanent collection of archives to expand on the story and impact of Dignity resides at the South Dakota Hall of Fame Visitor and Education Center in Chamberlain."

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