Thursday, March 23, 2006

Living The Dream

Mike, from Chez Bez recently left this comment on my blog:

"You are living the dream. Thanks for sharing your pics and words from the road."

His comment came at the perfect time, because yesterday while I was salivating in the cavernous IKEA store in New Jersey, I was talking with the girls about jobs, how much money people make and the measure of success.

The "general" measure of success in many people's eyes is what you have, how much you make, what you drive, where you live and often, what you look like. You're successful if you did well on a diet, got a promotion at work, live in a big house, etc.

Sometimes, I have fleeting moments of thinking that I have no successes. I don't own a house, I don't have a career, I don't have oodles of money in the bank and since I sold my car when I went on the road with Ed, I didn't even own a car!

But, my cousin came up with all this stuff she thought made me was successful. She saw successes that I didn't even recognize; and my other friend said, "Before you can determine whether you have been successful or not, you have to define what success means to you. What is your definition of success?"

I thought for a moment and realized that I was often envious of people who either didn't work or were in a job where they didn't have a structured work schedule, got to travel a lot, had money to buy whatever they wanted or needed and their time was their own to do with as they wish.

Well, guess what? I have exactly that.

Recently, I've been looking at buying property in the Nashville area. Then I will have land and eventually a home, should I ever want to give up the life I currently have. And when I do, I hope to do the other thing that I think defines success - enjoying my family and friends, cooking and entertaining and waiting on my man hand and foot.

Can't wait to start living that dream. OK, well, I'll start on that after I get back from Europe.

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