Friday, March 24, 2006

The New York Catch And Release Program

I've been staying at my cousin's house in New York when tonight I found out that I was not the only houseguest. Seems they had a teeny tiny little guest, who was found nibbling the cookies that I could have been eating!! When that happened, we knew someone had to go - and it wasn't going to be me!

So, while three adults hovered over what we thought was a movement by a mouse, we discovered that he had gotten away. So, my cousin's boyfriend set the trap, the friendly kind that doesn't harm the rodent, and we waited. No glue traps or old fashioned mousetraps in this burb!

We went back to what we were doing when suddenly, we heard scuffling. The mouse had entered the trap! Lured by one of my paper thin Swedish ginger cookies from IKEA, he was trapped in the box. Now what to do with him?

Since my cousin didn't want to let him go just outside, for fear of him coming back, they drove the mouse to another location, approximately a mile away. Here is the evidence of the release into the countryside:

I'm thinking the mice are not only going to come back, but they will probably tell their little mice friends about this place.

I mean, where else can you go where they feed you and give you a ride home??

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Becky G said...

I can't remember the last time I saw a mouse in my house...I have a cat and seven snakes. They are pretty good mouse deterrent.