Friday, March 17, 2006

Cats And Grandchildren Make Great Indentured Servants

Apparently, my mother has figured out how to get both her grandchildren AND her cat to help her with the dishes. See what happens when you use special treats as bribery??

A fun day at Nana's is a day "helping" with cooking, washing dishes, sweeping, yardwork, etc. Hey! Wait a minute, that doesn't sound like fun.

While finishing up a quick cucumber salad (the kids love to use the slicer), this little guy wanted to go outside. My mother told him they'd have to wait until they finished up in the kitchen, to which he replied, "But Nana, outside is all my projects that I have to do."

My mother inquired as to what those projects were and he said, "I hav-a put my svette shirt on and rake with Papa." Halfway through his raking "project" he must have decided he was working too hard because he turned to my mother and said, "My project is making me svette Nana."

Isn't that the cutest? Yes, baby, slave labor DOES make you sweat. I know, I used to live there.


Anonymous said...

Great read. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Papa calls it "involuntary servitude" not slave labor. For that we'd need our whips and chains and you remember those, right? Papa

Leesa said...

What a great shot!