Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take Two Caramel Lattes And Call Me In The Morning

I'm in New York, sitting in Barnes and Noble, reading a magazine and sipping a Caramel Latte when a man motioned to the chair across from me and asked if it were taken; I said "no", and he sat down.

He closed his eyes and just sat there. I figured he must have had a hard day at work since he was wearing a suit. He finally got up, looked over and announced to me that he was conducting a seminar in the Cafe in ten minutes, on how to reduce stress, and I was welcome to join.

I'm thinking, Do I look like I need a stress reduction class? I'm sitting in a big, cushy chair, reading gossip magazines, with my feet up and a caramel latte in my hand.

So I politely declined by saying, "Thanks, but I don't have stress."

In case you didn't notice.

1 comment:

Ron Oda said...

perfect answer!

how did he react???