Friday, March 10, 2006

It's More Expensive To Say No

Today, while waiting for my rental car, I overheard a brief conversation between two young guys who worked there. It went like this:

Young Guy #1: I have a date this weekend.

Young Guy #2: Oh yeah?

Young Guy #1: Yeah, it's going to be an all day date. I'm going to pick her up for lunch and we'll go to the movies, then later on we'll do dinner and most likely head out to a club.

Young Guy #2: Cool. Sign me up.

Young Guy #1: She has a strict "no" policy, which is really nice though 'cause I'm not used it.

Young Guy #2: Sounds like a big waste of money to me.


Mise en Place said...

I always had a strict, "we'll see" policy, lol!!

Katie McKenna said...

I always love popping in here! Today, catching up , was no different. Thank you for sharing!

I lmao at the image of Eddie and capris! Oatmeat is definitely a thing to use Now! And yes... please, please wash first!

Have a great weekend!