Monday, March 06, 2006

Having A Good Reason

Why do men always need a reason or have a question when you ask them to do something?

I have to go to Wal-Mart.
What for?

Well, what the hell difference does it make?

Like he is going to determine in his mind whether or not it’s really a necessary trip based on what I have to buy.

I need tampons.
Are you sure? Can’t that wait?
Uh, no.


I need saran wrap, milk and cupcake tin liners.
Why? Are you going to make cupcakes tonight?
No, but I need them.


I ran out of oatmeal honey facial cleanser.
Can’t you just use soap?
No, I can’t just use soap.
You use soap. I need my cleanser.


I’m sure if he asked me what I needed and I responded with, “condoms”, we’d be in the car, careening around turns to get to the store AND back as fast as humanly possible.

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Anonymous said...

I've come to believe that these type questions are just about guys minds, lol. If a girl asked we wouldn't get as annoyed, but a guy asks and we do. Hmmmm! MAE