Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Competition Is Stiff

As most of you might know, I'm still trying to sell my father's hot dog truck. In the process of doing this, I came across this picture of me, almost four years ago, hawking hot dogs out of my own converted hot dog truck.

I can't even tell you how hard it was to convince people in Kentucky that Sabrett hot dogs, the same brand used on the pushcarts in New York City, were realllllly special!

Don't they know about "the snap" of the casing? The famous yellow and blue umbrellas? The iconic nature of the frank?

Please. They don't know from dogs.

But then I realized, these are people who are used to chowing down on those 2 for a $1.00 hot dogs that spend hours rolling around on heated steel rods at the WalMart snack bar.

And honestly, how can you compete with that??


Anonymous said...

That picture is very sensual.
That suggestive look on you face and the way you're holding that mustard.....


Anonymous said...

I agree with Greggie...MAE

Ron Oda said...

sounds like a major quantity vs quality issue.... i think you're gonna lose that battle in walmart nation though..

Anocsanamun said...

woooooooooooooooooooow YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL SALENA!!!!!

Amy said...

Mmmmm.....Sabretts! There are no other dogs. My sweetie introduced them to me, and now I'm ruined.

Great pic too!