Sunday, July 03, 2005

Feria Colour Strands

Lisa told me not to do it but I didn't listen. I wanted highlights and I wanted them now. So, against the advice of a TRAINED colorist, I went to Walgreen's and got a box of Feria Colour Strands. I thought for sure that a few strands of blond here and there would bring out my newly aquired tan.

It looked so easy. The picture on the box was so pretty. It even had a special "comb" with it. And the website said the following:

"A gentle, low-ammonia formula makes it virtually mistake-proof. The deep, no build-up "Colour Hydrator" conditioner adds extra shimmer and shine. A little extra in every box, enough for 3 applications lets you kick it up a notch. A patented applicator called "The Strander" turns you into an expert for a super easy, mess-free process."

First of all, it wasn't "virtually mistake proof." Second, the "extra color" in every box allows for even MORE experimentation by unskilled colorists (like me). And third, "The Strander" does NOT turn you into an expert.

With the help of my mother, we carefully chose where we wanted the highlights. I was going to have "sun kissed" hair by the time this was all over a mere 30-45 minutes. After two attempts, I was niether "sun kissed" nor an expert. The color was SUPPOSED to look like this:

What I got, was this:

This is clearly NOT what the picture on the box looked like.

And with the "little extra" in the box, I thought I'd go back in and try to make the front pieces a little lighter. I wanted lighter, not YELLOW.

And to think that people actually walk around like this and think they look good. Next time I decide to do highlights, I will be going to a professional.

L'Oreal is a French company. Which leaves me with only one logical conclusion.

"Feria Colour Strands" must really mean "Bozo The Clown" in French.

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Anonymous said...

Your entry contained several failed attempts to be harshly witty. I suggest you keep your day job and leave satire articles to the pros.

Anywho, I tried the Feria Colour Strands once myself, and had no trouble at all. My hair was natural at the time. Was your hair colored before? That might have been what made it yellow.

I do not advise you to use the new Color Breaks, by whatever brand makes them... THEY turned my hair yellow. Golden yellow. And that was in natural light. In yellowish fluorescent light I looked like a blonde-in-a-box tragedy. I guess it depends on your hair type, really. Darker hair colors tend to have red and gold undertones when you lighten them; my hair was a lightish brown to begin with.

Good luck.