Friday, July 22, 2005


These are the five things that have annoyed me today.

1. Not knowing how to get anywhere. I asked a girl in the mall today (a person who worked there) if she knew how to get to the nearest WalMart. She didn't. Even if she doesn't SHOP there, when a WalMart is within 10 minutes of where you are standing, you should KNOW how to get there. It's not just the WalMart thing...we often ask directions of locals on how to get places, because they are locals and 99% of the time, they don't know a f**cking thing. It's SO annoying.

2. Pee on the seat. What IS IT with people who leave pee on the seat in the restroom?? I can understand if you don't want to sit on the seat, and maybe you are one who hovers over it as you pee, but when you are done and see that you sprinkled a bit on the seat, WIPE IT UP! I don't care if you have to wrap 17 yards of toilet paper around your hand to not touch your own pee, but wipe it off the seat. And you cannot tell me that when you turn to flush with your foot (which we ALL do), that you don't give a second look to the seat. Next time, LOOK, then WIPE IT UP.

3. Not wearing a bra when you REALLY need to. I was people watching in the mall today and I was floored at how people go out of the house in clothes that I wouldn't CLEAN the house in. I saw several women dressed like slobs, but one in particular caught my eye. She had a drab, stained gray t-shirt on and was not wearing a bra. Unless you have perky, 20 year old tits, you need to wear a bra. If your nipples point to your feet, or your breasts look like two fat flounders under your shirt, you need to put them in a bra. End of story.

4. Long, curly, crunchy, "wet look" hair. Didn't that go out in the 80's? That "long, Puerto Rican/Mexican, crunchy curls that are created by gelling your wet head and letting it dry" look. It's WAY out, people. OUT. OUT. OUT. Stop perming! Stop scrunching with gel! It's over. Remove yourself from 1984.

5. The Heat. Yes, it's the heat again. This time, in the mall. Malls are supposed to be a retreat from the heat outside, not feel like you're going from the frying pan into the fire. WHY are malls so hot?? And what are these architect/mall developers thinking when they put skylights all over the place? Don't they know that it lets the HOT sun in and it's very hard to cool down a million square feet of mall??? Quite frankly, it's a deterrent. I will not spend time in the mall if it's hot, which translates into lost revenue for the stores. Abolish the HOT public shopping spaces!

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