Monday, July 18, 2005

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

On some, it's sweet. On others, there should be a law.

Low Slung pants are not for everyone. I know it's the latest fad, and I know that I certainly cannot wear them, but there are lots of others out there too, who should just steer clear and leave the hip huggers to the ones who have hips worth hugging.

Here are a few examples of those who can wear low slung pants:

Here are a few examples of some who cannot:

I am not, by ANY means, saying everyone has to have a perfect body. What I AM saying is that you should dress appropriately for your body type, no matter what the latest fad might be.

Then we have people, who for some reason, think it's okay to walk around a public shopping/dining/entertainment area like this:
He must have thought he was at the beach.

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