Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shaved Aluminum

I found these aluminum shavings at a jobsite in Peabody, MA where we picked up some machinery. They came from some sort of molding machine that created aluminum parts. The shavings were spewed out of the machine, all the excess that was shaved off, tumbling into a pile of little silver curls. Each piece was approximately 2" long by 1" high. I thought they looked very cool, so I took a close up shot to really highlight the details.

Which do you like better, the color or the black and white?


Susan said...

I kindof like it myself. Different but there is just something about it that I like.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I really like the second one the best. Too me it has more impact.

Anonymous said...

They're both excellent. The B&W has drama in the way the light reflects from the shavings. You are more on level with the surface in #2, so it becomes a study in perspective also.

I would love to see the color one at different angles. I like the composition and how the larger pieces sit together.

Really nice!
Thanks for sharing them.

Shannon akaMonty said...

They are both good pictures, but the black and white is FABULOUS. :)

alwswrite said...

Definitely the B&W. Did you take that at a high resolution? I would print it and hang it on the wall.

Krisco said...

Oddly, the color. I'm usually a black and white fan. But it's so cool that color almost IS black and white - the aluminum is such a cool - um - aluminum color.

That's a cool picture. How big were those shavings? It's hard to get any perspective.

And, how do you logon on the road? Just curious. (that's one big wifi area...: )

Anocsanamun said...

They are both beautiful but I think I am more biased towards the color. It gives you that Wizard of Oz/Tinman contrast that's pretty

The Daily Rant said...


The aluminum shavings were about 2" long by 1" high. I guess it is hard to get a perspective without anything to compare them to. I loved shooting them up close (unfortunately, AW, not at a really high resolution. Dammit!)

As for how I log on when I'm on the road, moving....Verizon Wireless, baby!! The SO rock all over the country!