Saturday, October 01, 2005

Vicki Bin Laden

I am renaming my best friend. She will now be known as Vicki Bin Laden. Why, you ask?

Because today, she went back and forth from her son's school at least fifty-six times! First, she took Michael to school, then she came to meet Ed and I to pick me up. Then, she took me and Mina back to the house, and drove back to the school to work at the school library. At 12:30, she came back home for a bite to eat. After filling her belly, she went back to the school to finish the afternoon in the library. At 2 pm, she came home again to say hello and hang out until she had to go back and pick Michael up at 3 pm. Insanity, I tell you! And this is a slow day.

On any given day, she can be found running errands. Taking the kids to school, picking them up, going to Kroger, stopping by Target, running into the post office for a quick minute, making a deposit at the bank and taking the kids to ball practice and dance. She uses enough gas everyday to single-handedly support the exportation of oil from any small mideastern country.

Vicki Bin Laden. Remember the name and get ouf of her way if you see her.


Twisted Cinderella said...

Vicki Bin Laden LOL LOL LOL
She must burn an amazing amount of gas with all that running around!

Anonymous said...

her choice and her money, and to compare her to a terrorist who is responsible for 3000 + deaths, just because she exercises her freedom of choice to (oh my god, spend her hard earned money the way she wants to)...seems a bit extreme to me...

Rand said...

I like that you're comparing an obnoxious gas guzzler to Bin Laden. Very appropriate!
by the way, I read your comments on my blog and then revisited your site. You're right, it is relatively harmless activity. I didn't realize that you were using rocks to spell out your names. Thanks for letting me know.


Anonymous said...

Leave the Bin Laden shit to rest Salena. Not a good idea especially if you want good Americans to be a fan of your blog. Perhaps I need to stab you in the eye with a Baskin and Robbins ice cream cone if you get out of line. 143 :)