Monday, February 20, 2006

My Constant Gardner

Eddie and I often communicate via text messaging; especially when in a situation like the one I'm in tonight. It's two in the morning and I'm the only one up in the house. Eddie is not with me tonight, he's off working, so in an effort to not be noisy and talk on the phone, we text message before going to bed.

Tonight we were texting about how much we missed each other when he promised me something via text (which I will leave to your imagination) to which I responded, Good deal

The rest of the text conversation went like this (WARNING: extremely sappy text message conversation ahead):

Eddie: Good deal? You sound like you are talking to a roommate. You are my Petunia Flower. My only Petunia Flower. I do love you.

Me: Baby, you are so sweet. I love being your Petunia Flower!

Eddie: I will water and fertilize your soil. I will put you in the sun so you can get the light you need. I will love you so that you can grow beautiful petals.

Me: You will be my constant gardner.

Eddie: You are my constant Petunia.

Now isn't flourishing in all that sap way better than having horse shit piled up over you for fertilizer? Yeah, I thought you'd agree.


Mary B. said...

Does he know you post this stuff for the whole wide world to see?! What a nice guy!! :)

It's better than my friend, who would send out a daily email to EVERYONE she knows in the world (she's a pathological emailer), with day-to-day updates of her husband's surgeries and rounds of very serious medical crises, with plenty of, um, medical details. Bet he loved that.

Mise en Place said...

WAIT! Hold on, I have to get my boots the shit is getting WAY to deep.


Anonymous said...

This nice guy is a keeper. Sounds like he runs deep and silent and genuine. Takes a real man to be romantic and to make you feel loved. Romance takes words like this, because love is more than just sex. Lucky you! MAE

Anonymous said...

LOL, it is VERY deep.

Real Live Lesbian said... sweet!

Katie McKenna said...

That's beautiful!