Friday, February 10, 2006


Thank The Dear Lord In The Heavens Above That It's Friday.

Oh. My. God.

I couldn't have wished for a week to end more than this one. If only youse (I'm hangin' in New York, gotta use the lingo) could see me. I'm a wreck. My eyes are puffy WITH circles under them, my skin is drying up in the crisp New York air and I haven't gone to bed before 2:00 in the morning since last Tuesday. I think I have aged a year in a week.

Eddie told me that he'd like to do something this weekend for Valentine's Day - my favorite holiday. I can't think of a better place to do it than New York. PLUS....we're supposed to be getting a HUGE snowstorm. HUGE. N'oreaster, they're saying. That would be the best Valentine's Day present I could ask for. Oh, don't think he's getting off that easy...there will be presents, jewelry and chocolate to be had!

I'm also going to get my nails done - a real treat since I've been in truck for over a year without them. I recently got two new gorgeous rings and I can't wait to see them on hands that have manicured nails. Ahhhhh....the fun of being a girl.

Eddie is rubbing my feet right now and I'm about to collapse just from the sheer pleasure of it, so I guess I should wrap this up and get to bed.

I usually hate the expression, "TGIF", but I can't thank God enough that it's Friday.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your Eddie and the special Valentine's treat of his love always being there for you AND snow! How lucky can a NY gal get? oxox MAE

Katie McKenna said...

lol.. I'm not having anything so wonderful to look forward to as you are with NY and the snow..but I was with you all the way in saying TGIF!

ps..what kind of laptop do you have? Would you recommend it?

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your manicure...

Katie McKenna said...

lol.. it ate my reply!

Thank you very much for taking the time to drop off the advice Salena! If I decide to hit the trail again; my family will be happier if I can drop them a line or two more often.

I enjoy popping in here. Thanks for sharing so beautifully!