Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crack Whores For Everyone!

Ed is stranded in New Castle, Delaware and from what he says, his lovely little hotel is situated in the only crack alley in town and the crack ho's are plentiful. The place has armed security guards, chains on the driveway leading to the hotel, police cruisers circling the block, etc.

I told him I needed some blog material, so to go outside and take some pictures for me. Of course, he declined. Good thing he did, because I could just imagine the scenario if he really did go out there.

"Yo dude! Check dis out! My cam cam camera YO! I am like gonna snap yo pic real snippy like! This is some fresh play Yo!"

and then,

"Hey, is that a real gun? OK, well I am like...late for my mom's hair appointment at the mall. Uh, check ya later. Peace Out!"

I guess the crack whores aren't for everyone.

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