Monday, May 29, 2006

Summer Staples

In addition to the real reason to observe Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service; I have always known it to signify the "official" start of summer.

As a teenager it was the beginning of "the season" for our family restaurant in the Catskills and a date our family used as the beginning of our summer countdown; a crazy ten weeks of "city" people coming up to the "country" to spend the summer in bungalow colonies, summer cottages and hotels.

Today, when summer starts, I usually haul out all my summer goods and try to keep myself as cool as possible which hopefully ensures a smooth, bitch-free summer.

As always, my staples include:

1. White denim shorts

2. Tank tops, to accentuate my golden tanned cleavage!

3. Flip Flops

4. A good book or a handful of magazines

and the most important accessory,

5. Pompeii Purple nail polish by OPI, for my toes - I never go a summer without it. EVER.

With good looking toes, something to read and clothes that accentuate your best assets, including your tan, you just can't go wrong. Trust me.

When truck drivers that have met you only once can remember what color toenail polish you were wearing, you have to know you're on to something!

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