Sunday, May 21, 2006

I, I, I

I was tagged by the Latina Diva this week, and since I forgot to do the last thing she tagged me on, I must do this one. Good timing too, since I didn't have a post prepared for today and thought this was an interesting one.

I SAID: I didn't mind, but I did.

I WANT: Clarity and focus.

I WISH: I pursued all of my interests with equal verve.

I HATE: Tardiness, men who whine, talking in the movies, kids in restaurants, rude customer service reps, injustice.

I MISS: My father. The Summer of 1984. Our summer house.

I HEAR: The constant, annoying sound of the television.

I WONDER: Where I would be if I stayed in Los Angeles 10 years ago.

I REGRET: Not pursuing the opportunity presented to me to model when I was in L.A.

I AM NOT: As patient, quiet or tolerant as I should probably be.

I DANCE: Not as often as I should.

I SING: Everytime I hear music.

I CRY: When I am frustrated and can't get my point across, at movies, sappy commercials and weddings.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: A good listener.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Amazing food, custom cards, dolls, clothing, glass magnets, crafty things.

I WRITE: To entertain, convey my thoughts, amuse myself.

I CONFUSE: Unintentionally.

I NEED: A lot of communication, laughter and mental stimulation.

I SHOULD: Do my patent paperwork, but I keep getting sidetracked.

I START: More things than I make time to finish.

I FINISH: Everything that interests me or anything that someone is relying on me for.

I TAG: Although I hate tagging anyone, I'm gonna do it to Indiana Jonesing, Chez Bez, Vicki, and Rita.


Elevensest said...

Ha! I needed to be tagged with something like this right now... seriously. It'll give me plenty of food for thought!

Lisa M. said...

I loved this list.

Beautifully written.

I love the memes.

I too miss the summer of 84.

Congrats on passing two of the three parts. I know you can do it.

Bring the poor guy a granola bar. *smirk*

*crossing fingers for you!*