Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brad Blows

My friend recently forwarded me an email that a friend sent to him. I always glance at the other people's email addresses in a forward; part habit, part curiosity.

I can't even tell you any of the other names in the bunch, because the only one that stood out to me was a guy named Brad Woodcock.

Wood. Cock.

OK, I know I sound like a fourteen year old boy here, making a joke on the obvious, but it's just one of those names. It made me laugh.

And his email address is Brad@blws.xyz.

As if it's not bad enough already that your name is Woodcock; does he really want people to know that he blows?


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is gay...his name is:

Harry Longfellow

The perfect porn name!

Anonymous said...


Gam0ra said...

Yeah, you wouldn't believe the amount of bullshit I had to put up with as a kid. This is merely one of the reasons I ask people not to CC me on bulk emails to people I don't know.