Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Forty Two Days

Today we went back to work. It was hard; especially with my brother asking us every other day if we have a job and if so, when do we plan on doing it?

We've been enjoying our time off with all the sleeping late, going to movies, visiting friends and family and dining all over town. We've taken pictures and shopped for Christmas. We ate turkey, went to Vegas and even made it to Alan's annual dinner party; which was a BLAST.

As of today, we've been off for forty two days.

The reason I know its been forty two days? My mother was counting.

How do I know she's been counting? She slipped a card into my purse without my knowledge, that I found once we got on the road. It was addressed to "My Dearest Daughter and Her Eddie," and she started her first paragraph with, "I truly loved having you here for 42 days..."

Notice how the 42 is underlined? In the card it wasn't just underlined once, it was underlined twice. To be fair, she went on to say how she enjoyed our lunches, dinners, Scrabble games and taking her for a ride in the truck. She said we were smart and funny and that we both enriched our family. Oh, and she said she loved us too. Especially my Eddie. Yet still, she UNDERLINED the forty two. I'm highly suspicious.

We actually went to pick up a load today that wound up cancelling at the last minute; after we had already loaded it. So, after wasting an entire day at the copper mine, we unloaded and headed back to my Mom's house.

Imagine the surprise (or horror) on her face when she saw us show up at her door once again!
Little did she know that day number forty three was beginning.

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