Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There Are Never Enough Hours In The Day To Do Anything When You Have A Baby

Since it's been a while since we last talked, I called my cousin Ro last night and finally had a chance to catch up with her.

I told her of everything we were up to; where we were, how my driving test went, where our next load is picking up, our plans for a
Bahamavention in the form of a cruise and when I think I'll be heading her way so we can finally exchange Christmas presents.

I asked the usual questions. What have you been up to lately? How was Girls Night Out? Has it been cold there? Are you still taking classes? Have you done any work on the house? Did you go skiing this season? How's your man?

You know, regular conversation. Everyday stuff. Things I probably already know the answers to but ask anyway because I like to stay connected and in the moment by knowing what's going on.

She responded with her usual rhetoric about how she's tired when she gets home from work, stuff that needs to go in the attic is piling up in the living room, the remodeling is in perpetual limbo since a family member is doing the work and they have to work around his schedule, blah blah blah. She sounded exasperated and frustrated. I just wanted to fly up there and help her with all her organizational and remodeling needs!

Then, in the same weary tone, she said "It's just so hard to get everything done. You know, with the baby and all."

Confused, I said, "Baby??"

"Yeah. Stephanie next door had her baby. A boy. He's so cute. Well, we've been trying to help her out and it's just been so much. We watched the dog for her and you know how he is."

I said, "You crack me up. You're the only person I know who uses someone else's baby as an excuse for not having enough time to do anything!"

She laughed and protested, as if dog sitting has been all consuming. I know the dog and he is quite a handful, but still. At least I can always count on her to make me laugh!

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta run. Someone's baby is crying.

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