Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Antenna Ball Beneath My Wings

Some of you may remember the first time Antenna Ball showed up on my blog, with his maiden voyage starting on Victoria island in British Columbia: I Should Have Never Had That Last Drink

Then we took him across the border (no, he doesn't have a passport) and back to the states. Unfortunately, one of his first lengthy trips took him to New Mexico:
Lucky One Eye

I made it up to him when I took him back to beautiful Canada, where the only thing he uttered for hours on end, was Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He hung in for about a year, but now resides next to a pair of fuel gloves in the greasy pit under Ed's seat.

I recently found a replacement and have customized him to fit the mirror, in the same spot his predecessor sat:

Maybe this one will have a little better luck hanging in there, since it has wings for stability and that halo for good luck.

I had a "Little Devil" antenna ball too, but I sent it to someone it was much better suited for; my friend Greggie.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet! Hope it hangs on to it's wings and halo.
ed's mom