Saturday, October 06, 2007

Greeting Fair Lovers For Over Fifty Years

Big Tex, the official ambassador for the State Fair of Texas, was standing tall in Big Tex circle, watching and welcoming everyone to the more than three week extravaganza taking place in the heart of Dallas.

Fletcher's Famous Corny Dogs, Fried Lattes (SOOOO yummy!), Cotton Candy, Frito Pie and Chocolate Covered Cheesecake on-a-stick is only the beginning of the ass widening treats available on every corner.

We saw the Human Cannonball, painted faces, award winning canned preserves, livestock, a sand sculpture and pig races!! It was about a million degrees in Dallas, with humidity levels around 250%, but Ed seems to like to torture me by taking me to outdoor amusement venues in his home state when the mercury level is at its highest. And to think, just this morning he told me how much he loved me. Actions, baby. ACTIONS speak louder than words.

Overall, we had a great time people watching, taking pictures and eating; and now that I've seen Big Tex, I can die happy.

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