Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quite Uneducated, If You Ask Me

The second one is supposed to read "Reefers"; said with a long "e" sound. In the trucking industry, this refers to a refrigerated unit. Since the product in a refrigerated truck always needs to stay at cool temperatures, the reefer runs continously, even if the truck is off.

That third one is supposed to read "No Horns"; just in case you, along with Ed, were thinking it said something else.

But the one that really caught my eye is the last one. This underscores the lack of quality education in our country and the fact that some people just don't care.

It's one thing to make a spelling error, but to have the sign printed with the wrong spelling?

C'mon, people. Let's give a little shit, huh?


Jen said...

What a cool blog! I found you through Michele from her camera fairy post. I will definitely be a regular. This is great!

Anonymous said...

What is so funny about the sign is that they check two of them! haha
(So I guess "horrs" and music are quiet alright?? haha)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you on Sognatrice's blog. You are such a sweetie! He photos are beautiful.

This is a funny post! Turn of refers? Yikes. I'm going to forward this one to my friend, who's a high school Latin teacher.

Sauntering Soul said...

Hi, just found your blog. Sounds like you have an incredible, fun life (I say that as I sit in my boring cubicle working on corporate law documents...).

This sign cracks me up!

somepinkflowers said...


me, too...
here because you were kind
to sognatrice,
her camera fairy!


thanks from the rest of us
who will be enjoying her quality photos.

i am off to enjoy your blog.
looks interesting from

i'll try to be ~~Quite~~