Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Mother Is An Oxymoron

My mother went to lunch this week with some of her lady friends. One woman's daughter, who my mother hadn't seen in a while, had joined them. My mother was filling me in on the latest and mentioned how nice it was to see the daughter of her friend. She told me that she was doing well, had looked beautiful, was extremely friendly and that she was tall.

"Tall??" I said, thinking that was an odd description to throw in.

"Oh yes. She towers over me." my mother said.

"Ma, everyone towers over you."

"They do??"

"Yeah, Mom, they do. So I'd say you can't be a very good judge of who is tall considering you're not all that giant yourself."

"Oh, well I didn't think I was such a shrimp." she said.

"Well, you are." I said. "You're a jumbo shrimp, but you're still a shrimp."

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