Saturday, April 05, 2008

Unreal Ideal

Take a look at this web site to discover the secret behind why everyone in magazines looks so damn good.

We all know about airbrushing and PhotoShop, but it's rare that we get to see the "before" photos. At the top of the site, click on PORTFOLIO. Once in the portfolio, you will see two rows of thumbnails. Click on each one to see the celebrity before and after shots. The first shot you see will be the "after" shot, but if you hover your arrow over the photo, you'll see the "before" shot.

Now Halle Berry doesn't need much help, but click on the picture to the right of Halle and check out Brittany Murphy. Man, oh, man! She's got some luggage under her eyes that was so obviously whisked away with the airbrushing tool. Also, the texture of her skin was dramatically changed. In other shots, they made Kelly Clarkson's face and ass thinner, and they took a little fat roll off Beyonce's mid-section. No wonder young girls have eating disorders and no self-esteem.

Now I love beauty just as much as the next person; maybe even more, since I'm such a makeup hound and have a history of dressing up since I was a child. I can be seen here sporting my mother's
gypsy wig when I was three and a half years old and in the next photo, borrowing her sequined clutch at four and a half.

Luckily, I have always had pretty flawless skin, especially in my teens and twenties. And actually, it stayed that way until my late thirties and only in the past few years have I noticed a change. Hence, the recent dermatologist appointment. I thought it might be good to take extra special care of it since my old skin is now over forty years old. I might have wasted my time.

Perhaps I could have saved the $130.00 I gave the dermatologist and just had Eddie work his PhotoShop magic on me!


Tracey said...

Oh Jeses! They even made the black girls appear whiter!

You're right, no wonder girls/women have issues.

They even airbrushed a hip bone off of Cameron Diaz!!!!

Tracey said...

oops that should have been Jesus. I got excited! LOL

Lisbeth said...

Besides the general 'toning' of all the bodies and 'chubby' cheeks, apparently moles, freckles and other skin 'imperfections' are also unacceptable - both for men and women.
Geez, no wonder I never saw any celebs in SB - I wouldn't be able to recognize them!