Monday, February 16, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

While reading GiGi’s Blog, I found out that she was featured in Pilot Challenge Magazine, in an article about truck drivers who blog. Besides her blogging, she always impresses me that she actually does this driving/trucking thing by herself. I have Eddie, so if I pull into a driveway or street that has no discernable exit, I can bat my eyelashes at him and he's more than willing to get me out; Gigi has to navigate it on her own.

She got a great little paragraph talking about her blog and what she writes about and photographs while on the road. And it wasn't until I actually read the entire article that I realized I
also made it in! They didn't give me my own paragraph, but I did get put on the list of the trucking blogs of note. Yay for me!!!

This is the second time now I've been in the Pilot Challenge Magazine (the
first time was for winning one of their monthly photo contests) and I'm not at all above plugging myself as many times as it will take!!

And if you're here because you read about me in the magazine, Welcome! And please, please comment. I love to know that people are reading and enjoy hearing what you have to say.


Anonymous said...

That's cool! And I've done some eyelash batting of my own, so I hear ya on that.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that every time I had a problem, Ed's dad was sacked out in the sleeper! To be awakened from a deep sleep by somebody gotta give them credit for their patience!
Ed's mom

Anonymous said...

HI from Nashville! I bookmarked your blog and I'll visit often. Your photos (on Flickr) are crazy good!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! That is so cool! They should do an article about all the cool pics you take on the road!

all things bradbury said...

congrats on the pilot article!... i've been trucking for about 10 years now, but just started a blog about a month ago, so i was really excited over the article in the mag and the links to your'lls blogs.... it's so nice to hear from other people who actually "get it" about life on the road blog started mainly at the request of family and friends, and i have alot to, links, etc....but besides being entertaining, you are so inspiring..... ok..before i sound too sappy, i will close.... be safe... btw..jealous as hell of the new