Monday, March 23, 2009

First The Poultry, Now This

Here we have another interesting item. Sort of like yesterday's bird, only yellow:
I picked it up and smelled it; citrusy. Skin like a lemon. Fingers like a mutant. No real fruit in it, just a big lump of rind is what it looked like. I had no idea what it was until I asked the girl that worked there.

 "Buddha's Hand," she said as she walked past me.

"Budatan?" I said. ""Buddha's HAND." she enunciated. That's
the name of it.

 I won't say I think I know everything about cooking, but I was pretty sure I'd seen all there was to see in the regular grocery stores and farmer's markets of the United States.

I know other countries have exotic fruits, vegetables and food items that I don't know a thing about, but to see this at Murray Family Farms and be able to reach out and touch it without having to fly thousands of miles to China to do so, was kind of cool.

 Even if it did feel like I was holding hands with a mutant.


Anonymous said...

That's a freaky food. Very cool though...I never seen nor heard of that one!

Anonymous said...

Okay it's called Buddah's hands, but what is it?

The Daily Rant said...

Click on the link that says "the name" to get more information! It's some sort of citrus thing. Weird.

Fandango Travelers said...

Where? I love food places and I love food places that you can park a truck even more!!!!!!!

Fandango Travelers said...

I love Murry Farms. We were just there last week. I can't believe you have never stopped. The parking is fab and the produce is to die for. I have never seen Buddah's Hands though.

I posted a piece about Murry Farms last summer. They have these wonderful stone fruits called Pluots. Yummy!!!!!