Saturday, March 07, 2009

You Never Know When You Might Need It

Today we met some other truck drivers and sat around for a few hours talking when one husband and wife team began to talk about how they were packin'; both of them had handguns on their person.

I don't really care if someone owns a gun, I just don't really see the need for it. Like Ed said, he's been out here almost thirteen years, in all kinds of neigborhoods and situations, and never found himself in a scenario where a gun was needed.

Then the husband said, "Well, you never need a gun until you need one."

What the hell kind of stupid fucking response is that???

So I guess I should carry a parachute in a backpack, a pack of flares on my hip and a bottle of Cipro just in case I come across an envelope containing Anthrax?

THINK before you speak, people. THINK.

PS: Although, a gun may be pretty handy were I to come across a Komodo Dragon. I don't think the parachute would do me much good in that situation. Unless of course, I encountered it on a cliff....


Gil said...

I'd be more afraid of carrying a gun without a permit these days. NYC and certain states are real tough if you get caught.

Anonymous said...

I always thought DOT specifically outlawed guns in commercial trucks? They're taking a hell of a chance.

Javi said...

Great post, Salena!, I totally agree with your point of view.

One guy told me one time in Detroit that things were slowing down a bit (usual topic), and only there were steady job going into Canada at that moment but he couldn't go as they didn't let him to come in with his guns... ¿¿??!

Drive safe!

Decorina said...

Guns are against the law in commercial trucks. What a couple of nut jobs. I'm with you and Eddie...don't see the need for guns. I just kept my wasp spray handy (I was a solo driver) in case I needed to shoo someone away. that stuff is nasty and the cans are pretty accurate. Better than the self defense spray. As you drive away you can always suggest they get medical attention - that wasp spray will mess you up!

The Daily Rant said...

You know, so many people have said you can't have a gun in a truck but there doesn't seem to be anything at all in the FMCSA regulations pertaining to it. I tried to Google it and came up with this ( but it seems that you have to follow local and state laws since there is no federal law. That's what these people were saying and that's why they carry the gun. Hmmmm.

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