Friday, April 03, 2009

Eddie At The Glacier Friday

Here we have a picture of my Eddie filling our drinking water jugs for the truck. We keep about six gallons in the truck; three of these small gallon jugs and then one big three gallon jug. Did you know water weighs about 8.35 pounds?

I suppose the average person doesn't really need to know how much water weighs, but in the truck, every gallon counts. Because the truck has a legal weight cap; 80,000 pounds.

Now a few gallons of water shouldn't make much difference you'd think when you have 80,000 pounds of weight to play with, but when you have a 40 gallon water tank, 7 gallons of flush water and 6 gallons of drinking water, you're carrying approximately 442 pounds of extra weight. That can make or break you at the scale house.

So, in addition to figuring how many gallons of fuel we have (diesel fuel weighs about 7.3 pounds per gallon, resulting in 1,606 pounds when our tanks are full), we also need to know how much water weight we're carrying.

See - neurotic women aren't the only one who worry about carrying extra water weight; truck drivers do it too.

"Hey buddy, do my ankles look swollen to you? I think I may be retaining water."

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Decorina said...

I always used to joke with the guys in the shack at Budweiser that they only wanted to know how much I weighed when they made me scale my tractor before I hooked up to a new trailer with load...and I didn't carry around cases of water for that reason, LOL.