Sunday, April 19, 2009

May I Take A Message?

I used to work in the office at an asphalt paving company. We did some residential work, but the bulk of our contracts were commercial. Part of my job was to set up sub-contractors for work at locations where we needed things like curbing, sidewalks, fencing, etc. Anything that was needed in conjunction with the paving project.

One curb contractor we used (when he decided to actually show up for the job) was the kind of guy who leered at your cleavage when dropping his invoice off at the office. He'd often stand in the reception area, flirting with whichever female was unlucky enough to get within range; his sweaty stench permeating the air.

He used to call the office and leave messages with us for the job site superintendents and always gave his phone number in the same manner. His phone number was 696-9389 and he would always say, "Sixty-nahhhn, sixty-nahhhn, three eighty nahn", ending with a creepy chuckle as if his play on words was supposed to embarrass us. We worked in a construction company, for god's sake, not much was going to turn our faces red.

I suppose he intended the innuendo to imply he was a sexual dynamo and would offer us pleasures never before know to womankind were we to take his bait. Most of us just cut him off mid-message with, "We already have your number, thanks. We'll have someone get back to you." We had his number alright.

And not a soul would be calling it.

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Stace said...

Ick. Nasty old pervs.

Gil said...

I wonder how much the dirty old boy paid to get that number!