Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Floored!!

So, since we were at ARI getting some other stuff done on the truck, Ed and I decided to also have the flooring installed that we've been talking about.

When the truck was brand new the carpet up front was beautiful. But as time went on and feet of certain people (Ed) stepped on it, it began to get dirty to the point where cleaning was useless, so we decided to replace it.

With THIS:
Now isn't that beautiful?? Easier to clean and nice and neat. They also put a little stainless steel sqaure under the gas pedal, so it won't rub on my beautiful new flooring.

These guys at ARI are genius.

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Unknown said...

Looks fantastic! Have always hated carpeting, especially in the truck, like you said, too hard to keep clean, but what I am really envious of is the cupholder. Our Peterbilt only has one! How inhumane is that?

DeAnna said...

wow - would love to have that in my home! they did nice work!!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing...

june in florida said...

That looks great, so much more sanitary than carpet.Your dash looks like the cockpit of a Boeing 747.

Gil said...

Quite the floor! Looks better than the dash on my old Austin Healey 3000 did.

Did they fix the electrical problem?

The Daily Rant said...

Craig & Diane: You like the cupholder better than the floor? But yes, one cupholder is just not fair...who winds up getting it? :)

DeAnna: They did great work...I feel like I'm in a "house on wheels" with this flooring.

Anon: It IS.

June: I think it's more sanitary too - easy to wipe up, doesn't collect dirt from outside. And the dash is a little airplane-ish - honestly though - I don't know what half of those gauges even do!

Gil: They didn't fix the electrical problem here, as it's in the truck and these are the sleeper people, but what I think they did do was rule out that it had anything to do with the inverter (which is in the sleeper). Now it's back to Freighliner. Memories of Slidell are flooding back! LOL

all things bradbury said...

i love the wood floor!!!!.... you see this in alot of the show trucks.....i'm thinkin you should enter this in the pride and polish at mats.......sounds like you guys almost have a whole new truck!!...i really liked the idea of the grease and dirt deflector under the catwalk.

Gil said...
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Gil said...

Eddie had mentioned the inverter and I was hoping for your peace of mind that the sleeper people would find something like a bad ground that is causing the bulbs to die prematurely! I'm beginning to think it might be cheaper to buy an auxiliary light to shine on your switches. Good luck.

Dave Sanderson said...

a word of caution about putting air lines and electrical cord to trailer underneath.
I did this to my 1996 379 Pete and soon after added more work to watch/do. I could not source a weather tight electrical box. So when it rained/snowed tearing apart the electrical boxes on both ends and cleaning/replacing the boxes was added to my todo list. Also ice/snow buildup would occur on the air/electrical lines and were almost dragging the ground in winter. Ever try to kick air lines filled with snow in winter and not fall on your rear? I had full fender on drives thought that would fix it it DID NOT! VERY NICE TRUCK AND YOU DO A GOOD JOB ON YOUR BLOG THING-THANKS

Ruth and Glen said...

The floor looks fantastic ! I am so tired of steam cleaning our carpet in the cab. Winter really does a number on it. The sleeper on the other hand stays fairly clean as we don't usually wear our shoes back there.