Saturday, July 31, 2010

Captain Of The Most Expensive Fried Seafood This Side Of Arthur Treacher's

Tonight Ed chose the place for dinner. When I asked for a clue where we were going, he told me "It has the word "Captain" in the name." That's not a whole lot of help when you're in a coastal community like Virginia Beach; every other restaurant has the word Captain in its name.

We drove and drove until we came to a teeny-tiny road. Definitely not one that looked truck friendly. In fact, if I had suggested this place, when Ed came upon this particular road, he would have said, "No. No way. We're not going there." and we would have turned around. But he was feeling bold, so we forged on.

The only thing that makes me secure in his decision is that I know Ed could back his way out of a thimble, so were we to get in a tight spot, there'd be no problem. And it turned out we did come upon a thimble of sorts; a road with no out. But Eddie did it of course and we continued on our quest. We found the restaurant (they don't call it a hide-a-way for nothing) and parked nearby. We started to walk until we saw this sign:

We followed the arrow down a tiny lane until we found the restaurant. May I present Captain Chuck-A-Muck’s:The restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives back in August of 2008. Among the pictures on the wall were pictures of Guy Fieri and the owner.

There was a line out the door of people waiting and we were told it would be 45 minutes (which we didn't want to wait) so we asked if we could sit at the bar. This was our view:
The bartender was a sweet girl who took care of us right away. We ordered a Diet Coke and an Iced Tea along with a basket of onion rings to munch on while we perused the menu.

My first thought was, HolyShit, this place is expensive. And I only point that out because I RARELY, if ever, care what the price on a menu is. But most of the stuff on the menu (fish-wise) was fried and when I see fried seafood, I think more Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips - not something that's $21.95. I really wanted scallops (or shrimp), but I wanted them broiled, so I was having a hard time deciding. Ed was eyeing the Seafood Feast and when I found out it came with shrimp and scallops, I agreed. This is the feast that we shared:
It consisted of 1 deviled crab, 3 fried oysters (which looked like fried calf testicles), 4 fried scallops, 4 fried shrimp, 1 crabcake, 1 piece of fried Mahi-Mahi, 2 hush puppies, a scoop of coleslaw and a handful of fries. Served on a plastic platter with a foam plate and plastic utensils. I was not impressed.

I tried everything except the oysters. Ed tried half of one and said they were extremely pungent and fishy. I hate fishy. The Mahi-Mahi was pretty good and I liked the scallops and shrimp, but nothing on the plate stood out. The deviled crab was fishy and the crabcake just so-so. The fries weren't super hot and the coleslaw was commercial. We shared a piece of Key Lime pie for dessert which I loved, but it looked as if it came out of a Sysco box. Again, not homemade.

I'm sure this place is great for the locals and it's a nice place to be able to ride up to in your boat, but it's not a place I'd ever go to again. The worst thing? I'm starting to question Guy Fieri's judgment.

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Gil said...

What did they do to those poor oysters? They look completely engulfed in a ton of batter.

dixie said...

I don't like "fishy" either, but have found it edible if there's enough lemon juice to completely mask the aroma and taste.

Terry said...

Arthur Treachers, really are those still around? We used to have those in Florida in the 70's but they went away long ago. My sister was actually a manager of one when I was in high school. I used to love those triangles of fish, but of course that was before my tastes became a tad more refined.