Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pork And Parking Served Up With Southern Charm

After dropping off our load today in Blackville, South Carolina, Ed and I headed to Augusta, Georgia for a little Southern BBQ.

After taking several back country roads and passing trailer after trailer and church after church, we finally made our way to
Sconyer’s BBQ; a place that's been around since 1956. It had to be good, right?

The ordering was easy; Sweet Tea (unsweet for Eddie) and two Plantation Platters, the house specialty. The platter consisted of a quarter chicken (breast/wing), two meaty pork ribs, an undetermined amount of sliced brisket, and a heaping pile of chopped pork. On the side we chose coleslaw and potato salad and both platters came with hash served over rice. We told the waitress it was our first time there and she explained that the platters were huge, but we ordered them anyway knowing we'd just bring the leftovers back to the truck.

Boy, she wasn't wrong when she said they were huge. Half the plate was filled with the hash, but the rest was piled high with the other stuff. I wasn't even sure what hash was since I've never eaten it, but I read online that it was a dish of chopped pork or beef combined with various chopped up vegetables and seasonings, which didn't really sound appealing to me, but I tried it anyway. I did not like it. At all.

The chicken was good (although there were feathers still unplucked in the wing!), the ribs tasty (but could have been a little less fatty), the chopped pork (which isn't made from the tenderloin, like pulled pork) wasn't terribly bad and the brisket, was surprisingly my favorite. The coleslaw and potato salad was marginal and the half loaf of white bread they served with the meal was, well, white bread.

I ate my entire piece of chicken, the two ribs, a few forkfuls of the pork and meat and then couldn't finish another bite. I have enough leftover for probably two more meals. Ed left about as much on his plate. So we took it all home, minus the hash. The BBQ was the vinegary style, not the sweet, barbeque-ey type I'm used to, so I wasn't entirely in love with it but I did enjoy it, and Ed will have lunch for the next three days from the leftovers which I'll doctor up a little with some Sweet Baby Ray's.

We're not sure if we'll go back again because there are too many BBQ joints to cover in our lifetime, but the people at the place were so overwhelmingly friendly, it was definitely a pleasant dining experience and certainly worth a second shot if we're in the area. I called before we went to see if they had truck parking and although they didn't have a lot specifically for trucks, the woman asked me to hold a minute while she checked where we could park. When she came back on the line, she said they wouldn't mind at all if we parked right out front and if we couldn't fit there, we were more than welcome to park at Mr. Larry's house, which was right next door. "Mr. Larry" is the owner of the restaurant; his parents were the ones who founded it.
As truck drivers, we're always told where we can't park and have been told to leave more parking lots than I can count, so their response has definitely been the nicest we've ever gotten regarding truck parking. These people were actually willing to make room for us just so we could enjoy their restaurant.

Talk about Southern hospitality!

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Gil said...

This got me hungry for a bit of ice cream before I head to bed!

gdiesels said...

If you ever get around Taylor TX you have to try Louie Mueller. I drove up from Houston as a side trip and it was worth it.

They sell the meat by the pound so you get to pick and choose how much of what you want. The jalapeno sausage was the tops.

Finish up with some home made peach cobler with a scoop of blue bell ice cream.

The building itself is worthy of a stop. The old Listerine glass bottles used as bbq sauce bottles are very cool.