Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Serious Bather

Today my mother is sixty-four years older than she was in this photo; but...she still acts like a four-year old. And I mean that in a good way.

My grandfather took this picture - he had hundreds of pictures of his four girls - and I just love some of the poses he caught them in.

But this picture not only makes me smile because it's of my mother, but because it reminds me of my grandfather, it reminds me of myself (my mother and I looked very similar as children) and it reminds me of my grandmother because of that coffee pot.

So, Happy Birthday Mommy...party like a four-year old in a bubble bath!!


Gil said...

Happy Birthday Salena's Mom! I remember my brother and I bringing out those pictures when our younger sisters started dating!!! Our Mom then brought our the wooden spoon,

all things bradbury said...

happy birthday, salena's mom!!!!...may the day be as beautiful as you are!!

BECKY said...

HI! I just rec'd your e-mail about the AOL troubles, and I thought this would be the fastest way to reply! Yes, it still happens to me. I have 2 different aol addresses, and it happens on both, even when I want to send ONE e-mail, and it's not a "group" one. I'm totally frustrated, too, and have had aol ever since I got online, which was as long ago as you, or more! I, too, will probably get a gmail address, at least for back up. I don't like the idea of totally quitting aol because I really like it,,,when it works!! Thanks so much for writing, and I think I've actually come across your blog before! You must be a follower of a follower,etc. Also, Happy Birthday to your mom! My mom's would've been Aug 6th and my dad's would be Aug 11th. Both are gone now. Enjoy your day, evening, etc...and try not to stress too much over aol! :)
PS I hope you don't mind this long comment and I'm becoming a follower of yours!