Friday, August 27, 2010

The $7 Date Night

After a full day of looking for loads and not finding any, Eddie and I have come to the realization that we're spending the weekend in Jamestown, New York. I couldn't ask for a better place after spending a week in Augusta, Georgia.

The weather is delightfully cool up here, the trees are lush with some of the leaves turning slightly toward fall colors and the farm produce is abundant. At the local
Wegmans, which is a deliciously beautiful store by the way, we found fresh locally grown produce; corn, gorgeous deep purple eggplants and green peppers that were the size of cantaloupes. Seriously.

They had a phenomenal cheese section where I went a little crazy buying, and in the frozen section I found butternut squash ravioli that I'll make later in the week with a sage brown butter sauce. But what Ed and I were in the mood for tonight was a kickback to childhood for me, something we rarely had because my parents never did the frozen food thing; chicken pot pies. We bought two, Marie Callender's, for $1.99 each. Can't beat that price.

Then, on the way out of the store, we spied a
Red Box, truly one of the greatest ideas yet. Fairly current movies for $1.00 each, to be returned in 24 hours. We bought three.

So essentially, for seven dollars, we had a date night to rival any night out at the movies. And we get to sit around in our comfy clothes, in the air conditioned comfort of our truck, watching movies and eating pot pies.


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Ms. Crawford said...

I use to read your blog and be like "that is so cool or cute" or "we would do that, we would like that." Well now I actually do this... I have to come up with ideas when we stop to entertain ourselves too. This one was lovely :) Kickbacks to childhood are always the best. Mine would be Smartfood White Cheese Popcorn and a Yoohoo. My dad use to take me to park, I loved the swings and he would always get me that.