Saturday, April 09, 2011

Zumba In My Dreams

Today began lazily. We didn't get up until noon, after having had a late night of TV watching. We're in Indiana for the weekend, picking up a load on Monday. I love days off and I love laziness.

When we finally lumbered out of bed, I made Ed breakfast; steak and eggs, homemade country potatoes, toast with pear butter and hot coffee. I had my standard cottage cheese and fruit, but added a toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese to it. Washed it all down with hot tea.

Once we got cleaned up and dressed, we kicked around the idea of heading over to Notre Dame to walk around the campus, but instead, got sucked in by a Zumba infomercial. I started to sway my hips to the latin beat, saying "I can do this!" Ed looked at me with that a whatever expression. Having witnessed seven years of me doing everything I can to get out of all forms of exercise, he clearly didn't believe that I would be interested in anything that required paying money to get cardio in exchange. I still maintain it looks more like fun, than exercise.

After we finished the entire infomercial, we headed to the mall. I hit Ulta, to get some hair product I'd be searching the entire country for (no one has had it!) and some makeup that I needed. Well, wanted.

Ulta was right next door to Barnes & Noble, so once I paid for my goodies, I met Ed in the bookstore and staked out our favorite table; we've been here several times before. Our table is a large, four top, with a power outlet right next to it for the computer. It's tucked in a corner, right across from the magazine stand; this is a perfect location for me because I dislike being at a table where people are passing by on their way in or out, or bumping my chair when they get up to get sugar or stir sticks.

We spent most of the night there, but left for dinner just after nine. Tonight we were hitting Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which I consider to be one of the top five burger joints in the country. It blows In-N-Out right out of the water, and serves some of the freshest fries in the fast food industry.

They even have a chalk board that tells you where the potatoes come from; today's fries were courtesy of Blackfoot, Idaho. As we ate our burgers and shared an order of large fries, it was clear that Zumba was far, far from my mind.

The rest of the night was dedicated to TV watching and internet surfing. I'm considering doing laundry tomorrow, but since I haven't exhausted my clothing supply yet, it's easy to talk myself out of it. So easy, in fact, I'm starting to do it right now.

As I drift off to sleep tonight, I'm going to be doing the Zumba dance moves in my head. And next time I'm home, I might actually say yes to my friend Kim when she asks me if I want to go work out.

If she takes me to a Zumba class!

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Gil said...

Cardio in my head. My kind of cardio!!!

ELH said...

my daughter teaches a zumba class as part of her curriculum, she tells me it's quite exhausting,and good for you,and a bit hit with the ladies of her class...enjoy...myself, I'd rather enjoy the burgers,and watch the ladies zumba..

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it is amazing fun. I'm not a zealot for exercise at all, but I'm finding the Zumba thing addictive.

Katie said...

I was hoping you were going to say you bought a DVD and share the link! :) I think it looks fun, too, but am way too embarassed to try to go and do it in front of people! Any suggestions for a good DVD to watch?

Ms. Crawford said...

5 Guys totally takes the cake for best burger hands down!! Every time we eat in and out we are wishing it was 5 guys, you can't beat them! So glad you love them too!