Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drop It Like It's Hot

This run, we've got a little something different going on. Instead of using our flatbed trailer, we're doing a load pulling someone else's trailer. This trailer belongs to the customer. They own it, they load it and we haul it.

This is a double-drop curtainside trailer. The item we're picking up is too tall for our trailer, so they put it on a drop trailer, which makes the load "legal" in height. It's extremely lightweight, so we don't have to worry about permits and as you can see, it's not over-width.

There's also no work involved; we just back under it and go. We're able to leave our trailer at their secured facility until we return. We're going across the country with this load and then coming back empty. It's a pretty easy run.

There are two things we have to watch with this trailer. First, the rear axles are much further to the back than the ones one our trailer, making it necessary to turn a little wider, since the trailer tracks differently. This means that the tires of the tractor lead and the tires of the trailer follow, but they don't follow in the same tracks as the truck...they're wider. So we have to be careful going around turns, swinging wide to make sure we clear any curbs, etc.

The second thing is that we'll have to be aware of how close the bottom of the trailer is to the ground. The drop-deck sits about eight inches off the ground. That's not much clearance. We're used to having tons of clearance, meaning we can hop a curb if necessary, or clear a rock that might be in the road. We have to pay more attention with this one.

Other than those two difference, I think it should be a piece of cake. And, it looks really nice with our truck, since the curtains totally match the carpet!

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Dual Mom said...

Hey, were you on the I95 in New York with that trailer last Tuesday?!?!

Anonymous said...

That would be a No.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Landstar agent (LJJ) looking for a curtain side double drop trailer. Do you know anyone with the equipment looking for a load around MI?

Ed said...

No LJJ, wish we could help, but these trailers are hard to find and the one we pulled belonged to GE. Keep on reading the blog though. Have a good one!