Friday, April 14, 2006

Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seveeeeennnn!

If you're a Friends fan, you will get the title. If not, it's really too much to explain; watch the re-runs.

Other than that episode, which highlights the joy of seven!, there is another important thing - the number seven key on my cell phone. It's the one used to delete messages. I was talking to my cousin the other night and we were laughing at how much we utilize the "seven" button.

She was referring to not listening to her parents messages and how as soon as she hears their voice, she hits SEVEN. I do the same thing depending on who it is. I'm very anti-voice mail.

Unless it's something absolutely pressing and I must have the information STORED, then please leave a message. If not, don't leave a voicemail. I hate calling the phone to access it - especially when I get messages like this:

Oh, we must have gotten cut off. I guess you have a weak signal. (duh)

It's 3pm here, just calling to say hello, talk to you later. (I talk to you nine million times a day - please don't call me just to tell me what time it is.)

You must be at the movies, I guess I'll talk to you later. (Well, yeah, I told you I was going to the movies when I talked to you 20 minutes ago.)

I can't think of anything important enough to leave on voicemail if I talk to you a hundred times a week. If I don't talk to you often, then by all means, leave a message. Sometimes I save them to hear your voice at a later date.

The only ones who can escape the dreaded seven key are my nephews and my best friends kids. Those are the message I save to listen to over and over again. But if we're not talking about phone messages, then by all means, seven is a good thing.

Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven! Seven. Seven.


Rebecca said...

I love that episode!

Mise en Place said...

O.M.G. I LOVE Monica's "seven" much better, LOL! With her seven fingers up, head thrown back and eyes closed.....I LOVE the number SEVEN! :):)

I can't wait to leave you a voice mail. You know, NOW one is coming, lol!


Ms. Crawford said...

I was looking at your blog (current) and say this under old posts and couldn't help but notice the title! I see you are a Friends fan too :) AWESOME!