Monday, April 10, 2006

Dings And Hos

Drake’s snack cakes are only found on the East Coast. Why, I do not know. But since we have several friends and family members on the West Coast who desire all things Drake’s, I might have to consider importing them; I do have a truck, you know.

Recently, my cousin Ro and I had this conversation about Ring Dings:

Ro: Do they still wrap Ring Dings in foil?

Me: Yeah.

Ro: Are you sure? ‘Cause I got them in a 2 pack and they weren’t in foil.

Me: Well, you have to buy the box; then they’re individually wrapped in foil. It’s funny, because I was just telling Ed the other day about Yodels and he was like, “What’s a yodel??” Shocked that he didn’t know, I tried to explain they were like Swiss Rolls but not the same. Like HoHos are kinda like Ring Dings, but not, you know what I mean?

Ro: Definitely not the same. You should just tell him that Yodels are chocolate, cream, cake and goodness and that Hos are no substitute for Ring Dings. Ever.

Although in some circles, one might choose a Ho over a Ding.


Real Live Lesbian said...

I'll take a HO anyday over a ding. No questions.

Mise en Place said...

Oh MY! How could anyone NOT know what a Yodel is....they ROCK!

Me, I'd take the DING over the HO, for sure. But the Ding MUST have....aling! lol

Dakes needs to be WORLD wide....WORLD it say!

Anonymous said...

Hi Salena,

Greg (Greggie) turned me on to your blog . Very interesting but I'm still waiting to hear about your hot dog cart.I met you when Greg and Troy were still together,on Thanksgiving (?) at Alvernon.I believe I was there with Bill (who is gone now) and possibly my brother Joe and his little one (Joey). The rants on your blog kept me entertained so keep up the good work! About the Drake's - I would really love some Devil Dogs, Funny Bones or Yankee Doodles next time you're here. I could make dinner for all of us. I'm not a bad cook. I know you didn't have a lot of time when you were here recently.Did you know it's also impossible to get PLAIN Nabisco graham crackers?in the red box? I hope you guys stay happy, healthy and safe!