Friday, April 21, 2006

An Eye For Fashion...And Other Things

Today, Mina and I went to the mall. In addition to hitting Claire's, the food court, the bookstore, The Pampered Something Or Other, I got the pleasure of watching her mesmerized by every "big girl" that walked by. The teenage girls talking on their cell phones, the girls flirting with the boys, the girls carrying "big girl" purses. Believe me, she doesn't miss ANYTHING.

All of a sudden, she turns to me and says, "A girlie store!!" and then proceeds to drag me into Victoria's Secret. She touched everything. Then after she points out the, in her words, "gorgeous heels" the mannequin in the window was wearing, she tells the fifty-trying-to-look-twenty year old sales woman that she loves her rhinestone bracelet and high heeled shoes! Everything, I tell you; she notices everything. And she's only five.

Here she is perusing the merchandise. Oh. My. God. I am in SO much trouble with her mother when I get home.

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