Saturday, April 14, 2007

Waxing Brilliant

Back when I was a stupid girl (December), I purchased Smashbox Brow Tech Wax to tame my unruly brows. Even though I had been taming my brows for years with a little spritz of hairspray, I spent, against my better judgement, $20 on this fantastic product, thinking it would do things no one else had promised.

Well, it was good and all, while it lasted. A little pot of wax does not go very far on bushy Italian brows. And no, I'm not going to tweeze them; I like them gloriously bushy, ala Brooke Shields, circa 1980.

But then one day I had this Aha! moment and thought, Why don't I just use mustache wax?? I mean, those guys with handlebar mustaches that never seem to move must be in on some underground secret for sure. So I went on the hunt.

The first few places I tried didn't have what I needed. I guess since it's not 1950 anymore, there aren't many men out there who use the products my grandfather, a barber, used to groom hair. No sticky pomades, no greased back "do" and no mustache wax.

But then, I found this:

(photo courtesy of the internet)

This product has a delightfully citrus scent and tames with unheard of precision in the bushy brow world.
I am thrilled by my brilliance. And all of this for $4.39 courtesy of CVS drugstore.
It's okay; you can envy me now.

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