Friday, June 03, 2011

Sitting In Style In Shipshe

We finally got our new seats! On our way back across the country, we stopped in Elkhart, Indiana and had them do the installation. They're pretty comfy and I'm so happy to get rid of those bricks I was sitting on. Here's a half-assed cell phone picture:

While in that area, we also stopped at ARI in Shipshewana to get our air-conditioning unit fixed. Can't go into the summer with no air. I'd be an evil bee-otch were that to happen.

We had lunch at the Blue Gate and then did a little shopping at
Yoder’s Department Store; they have absolutely everything! I salivate when I'm in that store. I only bought a few things, but none of the items in the pictures here...

As usual, I love my time spent in Shipshewana, even if it's only a day. Can't wait to get back!


Gil said...

The picture(s) of household goods look like they might have been taken in Italy?

ELH said...

those seats look awesome...keep us updated on how you are liking them..

Kimmie said...

Shipshewana..... I used to got there in Indiana....LOVE IT!!!!!!