Tuesday, June 03, 2008

'Tis The Season To Be Lazy

I do not understand why people leave their Christmas lights up on their house all year long.

It's the third day of June and I can't even count how many houses we have passed with lights still on them.

Can anyone shed, pardon the pun, any light on this situation??

Is it laziness or year round festive cheer??

My vote is for lazy.

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Katie said...

I remember reading about different reasons people have for this. Sure some of the people may just be lazy, but some have some symbolic reason for it. Someone was leaving them up until their son returned from Iraq.

Some people like to go against the grain, stand out, and be different. Not me. The one year I didn't take mine down right after Christmas, it was out of laziness. :) But it wasn't year round! I did eventually get around to it.

On another note - I am totally jealous of your trip to Canada! Do you read Truths and Half Truths? He's from Prince Edwards Island, and he's great! He has made me want to visit there someday.