Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm Glad The Great Spirit Was A Dirt Thief

The Wood Islands Lighthouse is the first thing you see when you approach Prince Edward Island on the ferry coming from Nova Scotia.

You'll notice the soil is red, as is all the dirt on the island. You'll even find shirts in several local shops that have been dyed with the dirt; they call them the
P.E.I Dirt Shirt.

The P.E.I Dirt Shirt web site offers the following explanation for the red dirt:

"Native legends of old tell of a Great Spirit that, during the creation of the earth, reserved a small amount of red dirt. This red dirt was used to form "the fairest of all earthly places", Prince Edward Island. Today we now know that the dirt's rich red hue is due to its naturally occurring high iron oxide content."

I think I'd have to agree with the Great Spirit; Prince Edward Island is the fairest of all earthly places.

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Dual Mom said...

A native from that fair isle friend actually runs that company. Love your blog, am green with envy reading about your adventures.