Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wooden Shoes, Tulips, And Now This?

I just made this cool picture my desktop background. Wanna know what it is? Read on.
It's the view from under this cool chandelier that I saw in Anthonino's Taverna yesterday. I want this lamp hanging from my ceiling!

This is what I found on the internet about the chandelier and it's creator:

"Contemporary Dutch designers have been distinctly innovative in their experimentation with materials. As an example of this trend, Rody Graumans employed simple, readily available components — eighty-five black electrical cords, sockets, and lightbulbs — to create this striking chandelier. Gathered in a unified bundle at the ceiling, the cords flare out to accommodate the mass of bulbs below."

What a clever, unique and expensive idea!

Leave it to the Dutch.

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