Sunday, January 01, 2012

Quiet On The Set

It is just after midnight, about thirty minutes into 2012. As I sit here reading the New York Times, the TV is on in the background because there are others in the room watching one of the New Year's Eve celebrations.

As I listen to the music (most of which I don't know, by artists I've never heard of), I realize how much I hate noise. Specifically, noise from a television. More specifically, noise from a television when a show is on that I have no interest in watching.

I only watch four television shows a week on purpose. Any other time I have the television on, it's usually the Food Network or Food Channel playing, or we're watching reruns of something. And it's not loud. Here, in this house, it's turned all the way up to "burst an eardrum". And it's always, always on. And it's fucking annoying.

I just read an article about a bootcamp in
South Korea created to get kids away from technology and another article about The Joy Of Quiet. That's something I'm going to be needing a lot more of in the new year - quiet. I don't know if I can go completely without technology, but I'd like to be alone with my technology in a quiet place. Uninterrupted. I don't want to interact with anyone. I want to sit and read, write, ponder. I don't want to hear a television. I don't want to hear a radio. I would just like to take a week in nature and get away from everything.

Ed can come with me. In fact, I'd love for him to come with me. As long as he understands the ground rules - no talking. Or at least, very little talking.

You can get so much more done that way.

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Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from the west of Canada

Ed's Mom said...

Did you ever see the old black and white movie "FIVE"? Now thats a scary aloneness.But I know what you mean by not wanting noise! We just had Breakfast at IHOP here, and everybody was talking and 1 small child, of course it had to be in the booth near us, kept least "it" wasn't crying! Actually, the noise was kinda good. Anyways, have a great day and don't forget the BLACK EYE PEAS...I must go fix some...The only time I didn't have them, I slipped on ice and broke my 1996 in PA..Don't want to do that again!

The Daily Rant said...

Anonymous: Thanks! Right back atcha!

Ed's Mom: Never saw that movie, might have to check it out. As for the Black Eyed Peas...yes, Ed has already told me. I might have to send him out to get some. Happy New Year To You!

Project Girl said...

Let's hear it for silence! I am so with you on that one. My tolerance for noise just keeps diminishing - its frightening...

Happy New Year!