Sunday, January 08, 2012

Apple Is My Life. I'm Living It To The Core.

Last year I did a post listing my favorite iPhone apps. I had just gotten my iPhone a few weeks earlier and went a little crazy buying everything I liked. I've deleted some but added others. Here are a few of my new favorites:

Google Latitude: So I can track my friends and family and they can track me. An app where you can share your locations with anyone you choose. It comes in handy with my trucker friends - a quick glance and I can see just where they are and whether or not we might cross paths. That's how RuthAnn found us in Phoenix a few months ago.

Audible: The vehicle for my audiobooks. It's probably one of my most used apps, especially when we're doing a lot of driving. The night passes so much more quickly when you have someone telling you a story.

Instagram: My favorite app. I love taking a picture and tweaking it and I love the square format it uses.

Fring: Video calling, for free! I've already Fring'd with Ed (a test call), my mother and my best friend in Nashville.

AccelaStudy: I'm using this to learn Italian. It has quizzes, flashcards and an audio practice test. The native speaker is easy to understand and I find myself using correct pronunciation when saying the words after he does. There are several languages to choose from.

Water My Photo: Just a really fun app, that transforms a photo you took to make it look like it's reflected in a pool of water. I don't know that it's a necessary app, but it's a fun one.

Moleskin: Named after the famous Moleskin journals were inspired by the black notebooks used by Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Henri Matisse. It's great for taking notes and organizing thoughts.

Wooly Willy: Once you see this, you'll likely remember it from your childhood. Who didn't have that plastic covered piece of cardboard with the magnetic pen to create oddball looks.

RoadNinja: I got this because of the endless barrage of billboards I've seen, put up by Lamar Outdoor Advertising, a company who dominates the billboard market, and the people behind the creation of the app. It's a handy tool to see what's coming up at the next exit - restaurants, gas stations, hotels and attractions - it's all there with the tap of a finger.

Redbox: I love Redbox. I can't think of another place where you can get a movie for a dollar. They're everywhere these days and most of the places we've found them (grocery stores, Walmarts, drugstores, etc.) have easy truck access. So we can pull in, get a movie or three, hunker down for the night with popcorn and a beverage, and enjoy the latest flicks in the comfort of our own space. Can't find a better deal than that. Everywhere I go, I'm checking out the real estate. I have a few places in mind that I'd eventually like to move to, but as a truck driver, we can really live anywhere since we don't have to worry about finding a job in the town we choose. I'm not planning to live in Arizona forever, so I like to know what my options are as I travel across the country.

My iPhone is by far my favorite gadget. I can't wait to get my iPad when it comes out. And maybe eventually, I'll convert to a Mac, although I'm really happy with my sweet little Toshiba.

But until then, I'll be living the Apple life to the core!

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Marlaina said...

I love checking out real estate when we're traveling around. I use I think can we live here, what would it be like to live here. I have no idea where we're going to end up. But it's fun to look at places under the real estate microscope.

Belledog said...

Out of curiosity: what are the apps you ditched? The ones that didn't pan out?

Checking out AccelaStudy's Spanish language app now. That would be most helpful.