Thursday, August 01, 2013

Colorful Nights, Rainy Days

This is a picture taken somewhere in the Bronx.  Ed was driving, I was trying to get pictures of something, anything, and wound up with this. 

We've had a few days off after delivering our load and will be taking the next one we get to the upper Midwest.  I'm hoping the weather will be a bit cooler because I need to ride my bike.

We spent one day this week with my Aunt and Uncle, who came to pick us up for lunch.  They have a beautiful new Cadillac with luxurious leather seats, and it was so nice to not have to do the driving for once.  We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise, a restaurant we've never been to before, believe it or not. 

I had something called The Peanut Monsoon.  It had Thai peanut sauce, pepper jack cheese, sesame red cabbage slaw and a sweet chili sauce, topped with cilantro and sliced almonds.  Sounds weird, right?  The waiter said it was his favorite burger because it had a lot of flavor, so I ordered it.  It was kind of amazing. 

Yesterday we did nothing.  Got up late, watched a few movies, ate leftovers. 

Today we were hoping to ride bikes and/or go into New York City, but it rained all day.  ALL DAY.  We never even left the truck.  We considered walking to the nearby diner or Thai place for dinner, but the rain never ended. 

Tomorrow we leave.  And of course there is no rain in the forecast. 


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june in florida said...

Best picture Ive seen of the Bronx.

Belledog said...

I love your photo.

We had the rain too.

Am so glad to hear you are becoming addicted to biking. It's one of the good ones to have!