Monday, August 19, 2013

Junk Still Exists In The Snail Mail World

When we're away for weeks on end, we get tons of mail.  We do everything we can online, but for some reason, certain companies insist on sending paper.  And the junk mail??  Insane amounts.

We were recently home for a few days and it took almost that long to go through it all.  I have a system - I separate the pieces by size and then open everything over the garbage pail.  Junk goes in unread - usually I just tear the envelope in half and drop it in - and I make a shred pile for anything that has sensitive information on it.  I don't understand why credit card companies insist on sending blank checks every month. 

I keep all the address labels I get from any kind of foundation that sends them out for free in hopes of a donation, they come in handy when I'm sending stuff from the road.  Personally, I wish they'd put the money they use printing those into their cause, but that just doesn't seem to occur to them.  And if you're an environmental company, you should probably stop sending so much paper that just gets thrown away.

I've asked several credit card companies to stop sending me paper, but have been told on several occasions that they can't stop certain things.  I have signed up for paperless statements with the ones who offer that option but they still send me notices and other company related information.  I explained I have a job that keeps me away from home and have asked to have them sent via email but so far nothing has changed. 

And with the companies or causes I dislike that for some reason I get mail from, I stuff everything they send back into one of their postage paid envelopes and send it right back to them.  One in particular - for a cause I'd NEVER be interested in - had my name and sent me an application for membership with my information printed right on it.  I took a red Sharpie and drew a circle with a line through it over the entire application.  Printed "TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST" in big letters and sent it back to them. 

I live for the magazines, even though I didn't get a lot of them this time.  The ones I do get I always save and take with me to read in the truck, then I leave them at the trucker lounges for other drivers if they're interested in reading something other than an old Trucker's News someone left behind.

Next visit home will be in a week or two, so I won't have too much to sift through.  And I ordered a few things from Amazon, so I'm hoping they'll be there too. 

I love when there's mail and packages I actually want!

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Gil said...

Most credit card companies will stop sending checks if you call and insist that they do. I had a company that was giving me a hard time stopping about sending the checks and I just called them to cancel my account. The checks stopped coming!!!